The C&C Yachts Team


The C&C Crew

It would be futile to try to sum up the experience among our boat builders and support staff in just a few words. Suffice it to say there is a lot of gray hair out there. Our team was trained and gained experience at Pearson, Goetz, Concordia, NEB, Waterline Systems, C&C, Merrifield Roberts, TPI, Carroll Marine, Newport Offshore, Bristol Yachts: you get the idea. We have some of the best of Bristol boat building talent still producing beautiful boats in America.


TJ Perrotti: Senior Naval Architect, Chief Design Engineer

TJ is a graduate of Webb School of Naval Architecture. He has been involved in four America’s Cup campaigns, including three with Stars & Stripes. TJ is an expert in wind tunnel and CFD analysis, and has been involved with original design and optimization from 12 meters to offshore IRC boats. His depth of technical knowledge and experience will help insure that our boats will have the best possible engineering and design optimization.


Cam Church: C&C Lead Engineer

Cam has decades of experience at Pearson, Little Harbor, Waterline Systems, Outer Limits and Carroll Marine. At CML Cam supervised engineering of successful race projects such as the Farr 40, CM 60, Farr 52, Farr 395, 1D35, Wally 60, and the Reichel Pugh 75, ‘Titan’. He is an experienced custom/production race boat engineer and builder and of course, a sailor. His knowledge and ability are a key part of the C&C story.


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