“C & C is in very good hands. Good on them. Good on us.” – Response to our C&C Yachts Rendezvous this weekend!

C&C Yachts celebrated the heritage and future of C&C Yachts this weekend in Newport, RI, at the 2014 C&C Yachts Rendezvous. Here’s an excerpt from the attendees: 

“C & C Yachts/ US Watercraft were wonderful.  Not only did they sponsor the Saturday evening’s festivities, they brought over the 30 and the 41 for boarding and sailing.   Lucky were the ones who copped a ride Saturday afternoon on the 30. Barry Carroll was a fun guest and speaker it was great to hear the passion he still feels for the marque and how they will continue to translate it into their future models.  C&C Yachts was wonderful working with us and getting the boats to the docks

It looks like C & C is in very good hands.  Good on them.  Good on us.”


Coastal Craftsmanship

WPRI’s Rhode Show visited USWatercraft last week to promote this year’s Rhode Island Boat Show.  Watch this segment to learn how USW is reinvigorating boat the building industry in Rhode Island.  President Randy Borges and VP of Marketing and Communications, Sarah Fawle tour the shop and highlight a few of the many sailing and motoring options available from USWatercraft.

Perry on Design: C&C Redline 41

Sailng Magazine - Perry CC Redline 41The 2014 May issue of Sailing Magazine highlights Mark Mills’ new Redline 41 design.  At C&C Yachts, we are always proud when original C&C fans provide accolade for our current designer selection.

Direct from Mark Mills to Bob Perry’s pen:

It’s impossible for me to review a Mark Mills design without a sense of pride.  Mark has done very well for himself producing a long string of race-winning designs in Europe. But my connection with Mark is that he was an intern in my office many years ago. I have no idea how or why he ended up in my office, but he was a fun lad to have around, and he really knows sailing.  With his current successes, I’m not surprised that Mark designed this newest C&C model, sporting the Redline name with its C&C history. I thought this is a good excuse to give Mark a jingle and have a good gam. We had a thoroughly enjoyable chat about boats and life.

Read the full article here:  Sailing Magazine – Perry CC Redline 41

C&C 30 & Redline 41 Progress Update

Progress Report: C&C One Design 30 In February, we broke the C&C 30 mold free from the plug, and now the build process finally begins!  The first hull has been gelcoated in the mold, glass has been laid down, then a layer of reinforcing laminate is being fitted to the hull, and now a variable density core cell layer. The deck is well along, too.

Watch for our updates on the C&C Facebook Page, and check out the C&C 30 Album to follow along.

Progress Report: Redline 41 

We are moving right along, so we can get this Redline 41 moving towards Bermuda!  She is looking great. Thus far, the hull has been infused and demolded. She is currently being fitted for the interior liners, and the main bulkhead has been installed.

Naturally, we are keeping tabs on this one, too.  Watch the rendering come to fruition on our C&C Facebook page in the Redline 41 Album.

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