Meet & Greet in Key West

Key West Race Week 2016

Next stop for the C&C 30 One Design fleet is Quantum Key West Race Week in January 2017. If you’ll be in Key West and you’d like to learn more about the boat and class, stop by the Galleon on Saturday, Jan. 14 between 5 and 7pm. We’ll be on the docks next to Extreme2, ready to answer your questions and talk about what’s ahead for the class in 2017. The C&C Class managers, Tink Chambers and Brady Stagg from Stagg Yachts, will be on hand, as will Randy Borges, president of USWatercraft, builder of the C&C 30 One Design. Meet C&C 30 owners and crews, and see the latest set-up on Extreme2. Enjoy a beverage and talk about boats! For info or to make arrangements to see a C&C 30 before or after KWRW, email [email protected]

C&C 30 Arrives in Australia


Nancy and Bruce Ferguson

Congratulations to Nancy and Bruce Ferguson on the launch of their C&C 30 One Design Whisper 30, the first C&C 30 in Australia.

Whisper 30 arrived in late October after six weeks at sea, traveling from the factory in Rhode Island. It went together seamlessly, overseen by the Australian dealer Yachtspot. Michael Coxon and Billy Sykes from North Sails arrived shortly after she splashed to fit the sails and join us for the first sail.  Sydney put on a yet another lovely spring day and the crew fully enjoyed every aspect of this boat’s capability as fine-tuning was carried out on the rig.

cc30_australia7After only a few short practice sessions, Nancy entered Whisper 30 in her first race in early November. Sailing a spinnaker twilight race with a predominantly female crew, Nancy and team started the race in 20 knots of breeze. It dropped to around 15 knots about one-third of the way into the race, then to less than 10 for the finish. An elated Nancy reported that they won the race competing on handicap against a Farr 45, MC38, Sydney 38, Melges 32, Cape 35 and Murray 32, to name a few, and that the boat felt fast through the full range of conditions.

cc30_australia4“Yep, she’s a beauty,” says Nancy, who races out of the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club in Newport, NSW, on the beautiful waterways of Pittwater, about 20nm north of Sydney. Well done to Nancy and crew!





Open House March 5

On March 5, 2016, USWatercraft will open the doors to our Rhode Island factory for a behind-the-scenes look at the unique combination of high-tech construction and master craftsmanship that goes in to the build of each of our extraordinary brands. Visitors can take a guided tour of our factory and learn about our process, meet our team of boat building experts, and ask questions one-on-one with our customer service team.

As the builders of True North Yachts, Alerion Yachts, C&C Yachts, and North Rip Boats, we produce luxury power and sail brands, as well as grand-prix racing sailboats and dedicated sport fishing boats. While very different boats in purpose, they share a common denominator – each hull is built to exacting standards, using the high-tech, efficient resin-infusion construction process for which we are known. The result is the highest level of performance for its designed purpose. You will also visit our carpentry shop, where modern CNC machining meets old-world craftsmanship, resulting in some of the most beautiful interior work available.

Tours run every hour, with the last tour starting at 3:00pm. Finished yachts are also on display throughout the day, and several of our industry partners will showcase their latest products.

In addition, you can enter to win a one-day fishing charter on Narragansett Bay aboard the North Rip 30, led by Captain Jack Sprengel of East Coast Charters.

The event is free and open to the public. Bring your friends and family! Click the link below for address and map.


Doors open 10am
Tours every hour, last tour begins 3:00pm
Drawing for North Rip Charter at 3:30pm
Vendor Fair open until 4pm

Finished Yachts on Display
Alerion Cruising 41
Alerion Sport 30
Alerion 28
Alerion 20
North Rip 30
North Rip 21
True North 34 Outboard Express
C&C 30 One Design

Models Under Construction
C&C 30 One Design
Alerion Express 20
Alerion Express 28
Alerion Sport 30
Alerion Express 33
Alerion Cruising 41
True North 38
North Rip 21
North Rip 30

Mid-Week Highlights

Photographer Onne van der Wal shares a look at the fleet and the top three in the standings at the halfway point of racing in Key West. Dan Cheresh and the Extreme2 team are in the lead with 16 points, followed by Bob Moran and the Bobsled team and Walt Thirion and team Themis, tied with 23.

Key West Race Week 2016

Key West Race Week 2016

Key West Race Week 2016

Key West Race Week 2016

Key West Race Week 2016

Key West Race Week 2016

Key West Race Week 2016

Key West Race Week 2016


After sailing the boat around the country with many different crew members, Will Harris has logged nearly a Volvo Race-worth of hours on the new C&C 30. Here’s a taste of his valuable insights on sailing the boat – we’ll bring you more notes on what he’s learned, from boat handling to maintenance, throughout the new year.


In light air, we sail the boat flat with the weight forward. You wouldn’t guess from looking at it, but upright, the C&C 30 is skinnier than a Mumm 30!  So, in the light stuff, we move forward to reduce wetted surface by getting the transom out of the water, and we scoot right along.

The most breeze we’ve sailed in is about 30 knots. We had the heavy jib and full main on. We were able to go upwind okay, but would have been happier and faster with a reef. Downwind, top speed was near 22 knots and sustained over 19 knots.

There are a few things about the boat that no one believes until they sail it.  The first one is that the boat is really, really dry upwind. Even on the 30-knot day, we were not getting fire-hosed sitting on the rail!  Up to about 25 or so, it’s really rare for water to land on the deck when sailing upwind. 


Downwind is a different story, however. At about 16 knots of boat speed, the bow wave gets a bit unruly.  At this point we’re going faster than the waves and occasionally we plow into the back of one, scoop it up, and wash it down the deck and out the back like a Volvo 70. It takes some getting used to, but I haven’t heard too many complaints about that.

Another thing folks don’t believe is that the boat is really easy to drive at speed. When the bow does pick up a wave, as described above, our natural reaction is to grab something solid because we think the bow is going down.  But, because of the boat’s full bow sections, the bow floats up and the boat just explodes forward.

Looking at the boat, many people think “dinghy.” After sailing the boat, they change their minds and come away impressed by the big boat feel. There is a lot of power that’s really well managed.



Will Harris

The last thing I’ll talk about is simplicity. With athwartships jib tracks, double backstays, and all the other trick features, it’s easy to think this is a complicated boat to sail. We spent a lot of time and put a lot of thought into all the systems and the choreography of boat handling. Wherever we could, we made things simpler; any good amateur can hop on and get the boat going really quickly.

Obviously I’m biased, but I really think that we’ve hit our goal of creating a state-of-the-art race boat that’s easy to sail and manage. This boat is a blast to sail and I would have no problem racing in 35 or even 40 knots with the right sail combination. It’s a boat that a really wide range of sailors will be able to race hard and have a ton of fun. If you have any questions, or just want to talk about the boat, please contact me! – Will Harris

“C & C is in very good hands. Good on them. Good on us.” – Response to our C&C Yachts Rendezvous this weekend!

C&C Yachts celebrated the heritage and future of C&C Yachts this weekend in Newport, RI, at the 2014 C&C Yachts Rendezvous. Here’s an excerpt from the attendees: 

“C & C Yachts/ US Watercraft were wonderful.  Not only did they sponsor the Saturday evening’s festivities, they brought over the 30 and the 41 for boarding and sailing.   Lucky were the ones who copped a ride Saturday afternoon on the 30. Barry Carroll was a fun guest and speaker it was great to hear the passion he still feels for the marque and how they will continue to translate it into their future models.  C&C Yachts was wonderful working with us and getting the boats to the docks

It looks like C & C is in very good hands.  Good on them.  Good on us.”


C&C Yachts Partners with Musto, Harken and New England Ropes

The New C&C 30 One Design splashes this week with three leading brands as sponsors

C&C30-OneDesign-MainJibSpin-14Warren, RI (June 10th, 2014)C&C Yachts, builder of high performance race boats, announced today their strategic partnership with three performance-orientated bands -Musto, Harken, and New England Ropes – on the launch of the new C&C 30 ONE DESIGN grand-prix racer.

Splashing this week, the C&C 30 high performance race boat offers the thrill and technology of big-boat grand prix sailing in a size that’s fun, easy to sail and affordable. Each partnership brand pairs well with the C&C 30’s pure race boat design of fast, fun, and seaworthy.  The partnerships formed will allow for an effective cross-marketing platform that celebrates the pinnacle of performance and innovation.

“We are thrilled and honored that Musto, Harken and New England Ropes are behind our new C&C 30 One Design”, says Sarah Fawle, VP Marketing and Communications for C&C Yachts.  “These brands are leaders in the industry and when matched with the C&C Yachts Team and Mark Mills’ design pedigree the new C&C 30 One Design will certainly soar ahead of the game.”

Musto, Harken and New England Ropes are all key equipment suppliers on the C&C 30 racing yacht and will partner with C&C Yachts in the development of a multi-media campaign over the next year that includes video, print, digital and event. Harken’s Jim Andersen comments, “With ‘Purpose-built, high performance and fun’ as the goal of the design and build team of Mark Mills and C&C Yachts, the C&C 30 is sure to be a success”.  The partnership platform has been kick-started with a brand new C&C Yachts website featuring each partnership brand on the home page.

musto harken newenglandropes



C&C Yachtsbrings 21st century design and construction to the inshore and offshore sailing market in both racing and cruising boats. Whether one is looking for a flat out offshore capable race boat like the new C&C 30, a winning racer-cruiser like the C&C Redline 41, or just the fastest and easiest handling high performance cruiser available, C&C Yachts and our team of New England craftsmen can build a boat to meet any sailor’s unique demands. C&C Yachts is proud to be a division of USWatercraft, LLC.


Musto is the leading performance clothing brand specializing in technical sailing as well as sailing inspired lifestyle clothing. Originally founded in 1965, by Olympic Silver Medalist Keith Musto, the company has used its intimate understanding of sport and its technical skills to ensure wearers of all Musto products keep warm, dry and comfortable. Always seeking to push the boundaries of design and technology, Musto is committed to providing technical sailing clothing that guarantees optimum performance in all weather conditions.


Harken, Inc. is the premier manufacturer and distributor of innovative sailboat hardware and accessories. Headquartered in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, Harken manufactures in the USA and Italy. Its network includes distribution in 48 countries, with group offices located in Australia, France, Italy, New Zealand, Poland, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States (Rhode Island, California, and Florida).


Since 1967, New England Ropes Corporation has manufactured products using the finest first-class fiber, world-class manufacturing, and innovative design and engineering.  Driven by excellence and innovation, their products continue to be trusted to perform by numerous customers across a broad array of markets which include Arborist, Climbing and Recreation, Commercial Marine, Entertainment, Equine, Government, Industrial and Utility, Pleasure Marine, and Safety and Rescue.  The New England Ropes Corporation is a proud member of the Teufelberger Group.


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