C&C 30 Arrives in Australia


Nancy and Bruce Ferguson

Congratulations to Nancy and Bruce Ferguson on the launch of their C&C 30 One Design Whisper 30, the first C&C 30 in Australia.

Whisper 30 arrived in late October after six weeks at sea, traveling from the factory in Rhode Island. It went together seamlessly, overseen by the Australian dealer Yachtspot. Michael Coxon and Billy Sykes from North Sails arrived shortly after she splashed to fit the sails and join us for the first sail.  Sydney put on a yet another lovely spring day and the crew fully enjoyed every aspect of this boat’s capability as fine-tuning was carried out on the rig.

cc30_australia7After only a few short practice sessions, Nancy entered Whisper 30 in her first race in early November. Sailing a spinnaker twilight race with a predominantly female crew, Nancy and team started the race in 20 knots of breeze. It dropped to around 15 knots about one-third of the way into the race, then to less than 10 for the finish. An elated Nancy reported that they won the race competing on handicap against a Farr 45, MC38, Sydney 38, Melges 32, Cape 35 and Murray 32, to name a few, and that the boat felt fast through the full range of conditions.

cc30_australia4“Yep, she’s a beauty,” says Nancy, who races out of the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club in Newport, NSW, on the beautiful waterways of Pittwater, about 20nm north of Sydney. Well done to Nancy and crew!





Gunsmoke for C&C 30 One Design “Salt”

Head to Head Competition at the Storm Trysail HPR Regatta in Annapolis

21.7 KTS Club

Mother nature certainly didn’t cooperate this past weekend as the first two C&C 30 OD’s lined up for the first time in the Storm Trysail HPR handicap event on Chesapeake Bay.  “Salt”, driven by amateur Max Buerman dominated boat for boat in the 3 boat fleet. Buerman beat pro drivers Chris Larson (Farr 280) and Geoff Ewenson (C&C 30 OD) in what he called a “fantastic experience”.

“I haven’t steered sailboats in any more than a dozen races in my life,” explained Max Buerman, “Salt” Owner and Driver.  “But with a fun and talented crew and an easy modern boat to sail, even I can take the gun!”

 “Salt” chalked up 3 elapsed time wins in the makeshift HPR class. The HPR rule is designed to handicap modern boats that get up and plane in the right conditions. Even though the C&C 30 OD will predominantly be sailed as a one design class, the boat was purpose built to be legal under the HPR rule.  Designer Mark Mills added that the C&C 30 is truly designed to meet all offshore requirements to be a safe, fun offshore competitor and not just a purpose built in-shore racer. In its fledgling stages of development the HPR class was opened up to non-compliant boats for the sake of creating more competitive racing and highlighting new fun designs. Which is why it is even a better story that Buerman and his team could hold off such strong competition boat for boat.


The highlight of the weekend came on day two when a cold front came through and canceled racing. “Salt” took to the water in 30+ knot conditions and broke the speed record for the fledgling C&C 30 OD. “21 knots sustained” exclaimed an exuberant Jeremy Wilmot. “Smiles all around, with the only problem being the fact that you get pretty far away from the dock when playing around at those speeds!”

 With hull number 19 up for grabs, the C&C 30 OD looks to be creating quite a buzz, and the fact that amateurs can win and pro’s can have a ball-all at the same event, bodes well for the future of the class.

Stay tuned for more details on the C&C 30 OD–coming to a yacht club near you.


“C & C is in very good hands. Good on them. Good on us.” – Response to our C&C Yachts Rendezvous this weekend!

C&C Yachts celebrated the heritage and future of C&C Yachts this weekend in Newport, RI, at the 2014 C&C Yachts Rendezvous. Here’s an excerpt from the attendees: 

“C & C Yachts/ US Watercraft were wonderful.  Not only did they sponsor the Saturday evening’s festivities, they brought over the 30 and the 41 for boarding and sailing.   Lucky were the ones who copped a ride Saturday afternoon on the 30. Barry Carroll was a fun guest and speaker it was great to hear the passion he still feels for the marque and how they will continue to translate it into their future models.  C&C Yachts was wonderful working with us and getting the boats to the docks

It looks like C & C is in very good hands.  Good on them.  Good on us.”


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