April 30, 2016 Kristan McClintock

Day 1 Annapolis NOOD

Photo finish

Bob Moran’s BobSled in a photo finish with Anema & Core.

Racing in the C&C 30 One Design class, the newest and fastest class at the Annapolis NOOD, was close and competitive today, with multiple winners and numerous lead changes, including a surprise lead change after the fleet came ashore.

Initially, the leader after three races was Ennio Staffini’s Annapolis-based Anema & Core, who led the series by 5 points on scores of 1-4-2. But the race committee later discovered a scoring error and declared Anema & Core OCS for race 1, moving them to fifth overall.

Another local team – Bob Moran and his crew on BobSled – moved in to first with scores of 3-2-7. Newport-based Angus Davis and his team on Nyabinghi moved to second on 6-1-6.

The variable 5-9 knot winds, traffic from other classes, and a building ebb current in the last race kept tacticians working particularly hard all day. The other race winner of the day was Ed Feo and his crew on Loco from Long Beach, CA, who shot through the ranks on a difficult final beat to capture and hold the lead to win Race 3. Loco currently sits fourth overall.

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