Report from the West Coast

Dave Millet sails on the C&C 30 One Design LOCO, with owner Ed Feoin Southern California. Here’s his report on their most recent races.

First – another WIN for LOCO.  Racing with our medium-distance rating RLC of 36, we won class B and the fleet overall in the 39-mile Long Beach to Dana Point Race.  There were 46 finishers in 5 classes.  This is our second class and fleet win this year using our offshore ratings.

The race started in 6 to 8 knots and was straight upwind for about 5 miles with our AP1.  The second leg was a Code 0 reach for about 14 miles and the third and final leg was a 2A run for close to 20 miles.  Wind got as high as 14 on the reach and then back to the 8 to 12 stuff for the run.  We had seven people on board.

We were the scratch boat in B fleet and owed the other boats in the class from 2 to 16 minutes. We beat them all handily. The closest was 10 minutes back, corrected.  No boats beat us to the upwind mark except the three Class A boats that beat us boat-for-boat. No boats passed us on the reach, either, and we held or put time on all of our class on this leg.

Only three of the Class A boats beat us boat-for-boat: a TP52 (rated 81) a SC70 (78), and a Choate 66 (28). We beat the Melges 32 (12) and the Class 40 (9) boat-for-boat. We corrected on all of these. The closest was the TP52 a little over a minute behind us corrected.

LB to Dana Point

In Long Point Race Week, LOCO finished third in class and 11th overall out of 8 and 41 boats entered, respectively.  All of the boats in our class were much bigger for the most part and all owed us time.

The Friday race was 25 miles upwind all the way with some jib reaching at the end. Needless to say it is hard to beat boats with a lot more waterline in that kind of race. Wind conditions were 8 at the start and 18 at the finish except for the last 300 yards which was about 6. We finished 7th out of 8 in our class and way down on the fleet list.

Saturday Race was about 5 miles upwind followed by a 10-mile downwind leg.  We were second in class and 5th in fleet.  Both of these were raced with our Random Leg PH rating of 36.  Wind peaked at 18 but died to 2 near the end.  If the 18 had held we would have been first in class and fleet. 

Sunday race was 25 miles mostly downwind. We raced with our offwind rating of 33. Started with a jib reach, went to our code 0, and then to our 2A. Wind peaked at 14 then backed off to about 10 near the finish and very lumpy near shore.  We were 3rd in class and 7th overall.  

All three races were reverse start and we literally flew by people on Saturday and Sunday. The boat goes through other boats’ lees quite uncannily.  Only one of the three Santa Cruz 70s even caught up to us and a lot of 50-footers never had a chance. Scary fast downwind. 

LP race week

The View from a Test Sail

Rick Lenard visited the team at RCR Yachts for a test sail aboard the C&C 30 OD. Here’s what he had to say:  This past Monday I was fortunate to go for a sail on the US Watercraft demo red boat “Freaky Fast” with the rep Will Harris. Will had trailered the demo to Buffalo where it was launched and rigged for demo sails. The boat looks sexy and fast just sitting on the trailer and even more so once rigged!  Will called in the big guns for a quick sail; current reigning J22 world champion and YYC sailor, Chris Doyle, his brother Kevin, YYC PC Jason Suitor, Will Harris and I. We could have taken more but, we had some no shows.
The wind was blowing between 15 with gusts in the mid 20’s out of the WNW, typical Lake Erie late summer wind. The crew rigged the smaller chute and jib and we cast off ready for the ride out. The boat motors fast and it took no time to get out of the harbor and raise the big fat head mainsail. Kevin was driving and we took off on a starboard tack and then raised the jib. I was in the back trimming the runners on the self-tailing winches. Going upwind the boat was dry, more so than you would think. The fixed carbon sprit pierced the waves and we pointed really well doing between 5 and 6 knots. It was a comfortable ride but the Lake Erie short chop with close wave trains made for more care on the helm not to pound. 

After about 30 minutes Chris took the helm, we tightened the backstay more and fell off a few degrees, bow down. The speed increased to 6-7.2 knots as the boat heeled more and the hard chine started to work better. We decided after an hour to bear off and raise the kite. Will pulled at the mast and Kevin tailed in the cockpit. In a flash the boat accelerated and we were off flying in double digits on a starboard broad reach. Will’s unique laugh filled the air! Chris was doing his best work keeping the boat under us until a gust put us over and it took a few seconds of back-winding the jib to get the bow down again. We were whooping it up then jibed over to port and Kevin took the helm while Will trimmed the chute again. The wave action was a bit better on the port jibe and we stayed in the double digits hitting a high of 18.3 on one wild surf!  The water was coming over the bow, cabin top and right through the open transom out the back of the boat. Before we knew it after an hour of sailing out, 17 minutes later we were back in the harbor again! What a ride, everyone on board had a great time and the adrenaline was pumping! The chute was doused and we dropped the sails and motored back to the slip while the sun was setting a nice red hue, like the red demo!
While definitely not a cruiser or even daysailer, the new C&C 30 is not your father’s C&C of old; it is the latest state-of-the-art one-design future of sailboat racing. Fixed prod, fat head main, wide open cockpit, fast and fun! It will take a couple of times out so the crew knows the boat and how to trim it for best performance, the ride is worth it! If a mini-TP52 that you can trailer to other venues is something on your radar, the new C&C 30 is a must see! The red boat is in Buffalo for a few more days then going to Youngstown where the RCR Yachts white boat demo is located. To arrange for a sea trial to get your adrenaline going contact your local RCR Yachts broker, the fun factor is worth the effort!
Thanks Will, I’ll remember that wild ride for a long time!

Here’s a link to the YouTube video of  Rick’s wild ride!

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