C&C 30 Racing in Charleston

C&C 30 One Design

Angus Davis and his team on Nyabinghi competed at Charleston Race Week in April, sailing in a wide range of conditions over the three-day event. “We were the fastest boat in light air; our speed was really special,” says mainsail trimmer Pete Levesque. “Our best race was in the lightest breeze – we got to the weather mark before the boats with much taller masts.”

This was the first regatta for the team, following some short, cold-weather training sessions in Rhode Island in December. “We practiced in Charleston for a few days before the regatta,” says Levesque. “On the first day, it felt like there was spaghetti everywhere. By the third day the spaghetti was gone (or we stopped noticing it!) and our crew work went like clockwork. It is just a fun, easy, cool boat to sail.

“We also learned a lot about rig tune, and paid special attention to the headstay tune. We went through the full range from a saggy headstay in the light, 6-8 knot wind range, to a much tighter rig when the wind came up; just like any boat. We learned that our base tune was a slightly different number than what was in the sailmaker’s tuning guide, so now we have a solid starting point for rig tune.”

Nyabinghi, along with the team aboard the second C&C  30 One-Design, Salt, sailed in PHRF A. The crew on Salt was left shorthanded after a family emergency caused two crewmembers to cancel their plans the night before the regatta. The team persevered, sailing shorthanded with a replacement crew, and scored a third in one race.

“It was a great event to sail,” says USWatercraft Sales Manager, Josh Trout, who raced on Salt. “We met a lot of people and introduced them to the C&C 30 One-Design. It was helpful to tune up with the Nyabinghi team, even though we were sailing shorthanded, with last-minute crew substitutions. But we’ll re-group; we’re looking forward to one-design racing this summer.”

One-design racing for the C&C 30 kicks off June 12-14 at the NYYC Annual Regatta in Newport, RI. (Sander van der Borch photo)

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