The C&C 30 OD Fixed Sprit

The C&C 30 OD is designed with a non-retractable bow sprit in order to take advantage of the greater structural integrity of a fixed sprit with a bobstay. On a boat as powerful as the C&C 30 OD, it’s essential to minimize bend in the pole in order to control halyard tension on the asymmetrical spinnaker; it’s even more critical with the Code 0, which will be used in offshore races. (If the pole flexes, the halyard is effectively eased, causing the draft to move aft and adding heeling force.)


The C&C 30 OD sprit pole is not retractable, but it is removable. To install the pole, the inboard end passes through the opening in the bow and rests on an interior bulkhead. This bulkhead carries most of the compression load and prevents water from entering the boat.


The sprit is held in place with the bobstay. This spectra line dead-ends on the stem near the waterline, travels up to, and then through, the outboard end of the pole, passing into the boat through a small fairlead in the sprit bulkhead. The tail dead-ends inside the boat on the main bulkhead.

CC30_sprit_endA separate spectra line with an eye splice is permanently installed at the outboard end of the pole to accommodate the tack line.

This setup allows easy removal of the pole for traveling or while on the dock/mooring. Just loosen the tail of the bobstay line from the main bulkhead, pop out the pole, and stow it on deck. (The bobstay has an extra-long tail that allows removal without unthreading the line from the pole.)


Geoff Van Gorkom

Geoff Van Gorkom

Naval architect Geoff Van Gorkom has joined the C&C Yachts team as technical director for the C&C 30 One-Design. Known as a high-performance one-design built to tight tolerances, Van Gorkom’s expertise is invaluable to maintaining maximum consistency in the construction and finish of each hull. In addition, he is responsible for all of the class’s technical documents. Van Gorkom is a graduate of the University of Michigan Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Program, and is the designer of high-performance sailing boats including the Mount Gay 30. He is also the principal of Van Gorkom Yacht Design. 

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