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High Performance, Sensible Price: C&C 30

CFD Image

If you have ever been curious about all things taken into consideration when designing and building a race boat, then please read the newest C&C 30 Seahorse article featured in the April 2014 issue.  This article discusses rating rules, being competitive in an HPR fleet, and technological details such as sail flow, drag, aero lift, and hydro lift.  Let’s not forget being fun, fast, and affordable.

VPPimage CC30

This boat would not exist without Mark Mills’ exquisite design in coordination with KND Sailing Performance’s CFD analysis and the use of North Marine Group’s Virtual Wind Tunnel. Combined with Mills’ own in-house programs, these powerful analytic tools allowed detailed research and analysis of various design paths to develop quickly and efficiently. Read about it here: High Performance… Sensible Price.


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