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NEW C&C Yachts Models

The next generation of C&C Yachts has arrived.

And they’re going to blow your doors off.



“C&C Yachts is back and badder than ever!”

– Sail Magazine

“High performance… sensible price”

– Seahorse Magazine

C&C Yachts, the iconic brand that helped shape the racing revolution in the glory days of the 20th century is pleased to introduce two brand new high-performance race boats: the C&C 30 One Design and the C&C 41 Redline. But don’t be fooled. There’s nothing “retro” or “traditional” about these Mark Mills-designed rockets.


They’re sexy, wickedly fast, and built to last by veteran race boat builders in BRISTOL, RHODE ISLAND to the highest standards of integrity, performance, and craftsmanship.


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The legendary companies behind us. The C&C30 is joined by other like-minded brands in “Performance and Innovation”.

Only “Ocean Engineered” Gear is suitable for an offshore capable race boat.

The international leader in performance sailing hardware provides our deck hardware and equipment.

New England Ropes products are engineered to offer superior feel, handling, and performance.

Press Reviews

Press Reviews


SAIL C&C Article


Come See C&C Yachts at these Boat Shows: 

Toronto Boat Show – January 10-18, 2015

Strictly Sail Chicago – January 14-18

San Diego Sunroad Boat Show – January 22-25

San Francisco Boat Show – January 22-25

Providence Boat Show – January 23-25 

Los Angeles Boat Show – February 19-22

Japan International Boat Show – March 5-8


2015 C&C 30 One Design Fleet Events:One Design Event Schedule

Charleston Race Week – April 16-19, 2015

Annapolis NOOD – May 1-3, 2015

NYYC Annual Regatta – June 12-14, 2015

Block Island Race Week – June 21-26, 2015

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